Thursday, June 23, 2011

173/365 Feeling The Love & An Apology

Just My Boys & I
Shot with Instagram on my IPhone. 

Oh... Where to start??? I am so so sorry I have been MIA. I have been missing days here and there and I have not been commenting on blogs at all. To be honest, I have had a rough couple of months. In short, I have been put on medications, have had allergic reactions, put on other meds to fix those reactions and having reactions to those. It has not been fun. Just trying to find a nice balance and hoping to get back to normal soon. I am determined to try to stay with this project even if I get behind now and then. Some days I have not even felt like picking up my camera, but when I do, I know it is good for me. Thank you to those who have stuck with me through all of this. I really appreciate it. :) I hope to be back full time very soon!


Tracy said...

What a sweet photo! And take it easy on yourself. I am one of the many that has been very busy as well and such a bad blog commenter. Family comes first for me as well as my health, so I understand 100%. Take care of yourself, regain your strength and do what you can ;) Feel better soon!!! {Hugs}

Kristin said...

Ditto to what Tracy said. We've all been there and totally understand. I just hope you're feeling better soon. BTW, I love this shot of you and your boys; it's just as good as something all planned out and taken with the fancy camera because it's so sweet and really shows the love between you and your boys.

Michelle said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. This project can be all consuming at times. It's important to take time when you need it. :)